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Reflexology, or zone therapy, is not a replacement for conventional medical care.  Rather, it is a complementary therapy, used in conjunction with traditional forms of medical care.  Reflexology involves the stimulation of nerves on the feet, hands and ears.  Stimulation of nerves on the feet is the primary focus of reflexology. The hands and the ears are most often the site of reflexology treatments when physical constraints (contraindications), such as fractures, are apparent.

Stimulation of selected locations on the feet, hands, and ears is thought to produce beneficial effects in other parts of the body and to enhance the overall quality of health.  There is no one fixed theory to explain reflexology. All practitioners believe that areas on the foot correspond to areas of the body, and that reflexology assists the self-healing process. Some practitioners believe these zones to reflect the energy (Qi) body, and that blockages of energy in the body are reflected through "grit" or "lumps" on the foot. A therapist will apply pressure in the form of relaxing massage to these areas, in order to stimulate the corresponding area and thereby remove blockages in the energy body.

Reflexology does not attempt to diagnose or cure acute medical conditions. Rather, as with other forms of "energy medicine", the approach is one which attempts adjust imbalances in the life energy or Qi of the body. There are concerns over the efficacy of this treatment, and about the safety of using such a therapy instead of conventional medicine, which have resulted in some studies to investigate reflexology.

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